Pediatric Eye Care Exams

Information on Pediatric Eye Care in Houston, Texas 

So, eye care exams are no big deal, right? Everybody gets them. That is correct, except if the patient is a child. It may well be a big deal to them. That is why facilities like ours are here; to make pediatric eye care exams easy for the patients. We are the Texas Eye Center in Houston. Come in and get to know us.


Help Your Children Get to Know Us

The head of our facility is Dr. Bereket Tsegai. Dr. Tsegai is a licensed optometrist and has a wealth of experience in caring for the eyes of all family members. Bring your children in regularly for routine pediatric eye care exams. The entire staff here will make your precious children feel welcome and comfortable from the very start.  

What is the True Value of a Routine Eye Exam?

We can diagnose any vision problematic conditions early on and recommend corrective eyewear. This is extremely important. Failing to do this can lead to more severe eye problems later on. It is strongly urged that both kids and adults get annual eye exams at the minimum. What's more, getting them bi-yearly is even better. The sooner we can spot potential eye trouble in the patient, the better off they will be. 

What Do the Eye Exams Consist Of?

  1. Reading an eye chart
  2. Checking for color blindness
  3. Examining the eyes closely
  4. Checking each eye separately too
  5. Glaucoma tests
  6. Field determinations of hyperopia refraction and other eye conditions
  7. Complete checks of everything eye related, particularly in a child
  8. Checking whether or not medications or corrective eyewear are needed

Our professionals know how to accommodate the very little children too. We are here to help children understand that an optometrist is here to help them and to set up a healthy habit of visiting an eye doctor regularly.

Assisting Your Children with Frame Selection

Sometimes it can be difficult on a child when he or she finds out they have to wear eyeglasses, kids are afraid of what their friends will thing about them. We can help them pick out frames that your kids find comfortable and good looking. We have a vast array of styles.

Visit Our New Patient Center

Dr. Tsegai is one of the premier optometrists in Houston, Texas. We will never rush your kids (or you) through a visit just to get more patients in during office hours. We are here to answer all of your questions and make the process of purchasing glasses or contacts, for your family, a lot easier. The other good news for parents is that, at Texas Eye Center, you can complete all the required paperwork online, before you get to our office. Schedule your child's appointment with us today. 


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