Presbyopia Blurry Far And Close

Presbyopia is a condition that usually occurs around age 40. The patient experiences blur at close distances and needs to push the reading material back in order to see it properly. This is a very normal condition and usually patients over 40 years old experience it when their distance vision is corrected. Presbyopia occurs when the natural lens of the eye starts to lose its flexibility as cataracts begin to form and hardens the lens as a result. Lens flexibility is needed to focus on objects at a close distance. When patients are young, the lens has great flexibility and allows them to see up close with no problem. As patients get older, presbyopia is the reason that they develop a need for bifocals or progressive lenses in order to be able to see both at distance and at near. Eyeglasses and contact lenses have the ability to correct presbyopia. In eyeglasses, patients usually prefer a progressive lens in which there is no line in the lenses and they can see both at distance, intermediate and close distances. Contact lenses can treat presbyopia in two ways, one is with monovision, in which one eye sees far and the other sees close or multifocal contacts, in which both eyes can see far and both eyes can see close. Eye surgery is an option as well. Presbyopia can be detected during your yearly routine eye examination and if detected the proper treatment plan will be designed for you.


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