Medical Exams

Medical Exams for Your Eyes

Your eyes need regular care and examinations just like the rest of your body. Also, like other parts, your eyes can experience serious conditions that require diagnosis and treatment. Unless you have regular medical exams for your eyes, you may not know that you have one of these diseases. At Texas Eye Center on Houston's west side, you can schedule an appointment with our optometrist for these regular eye exams.


Difference between Medical Eye Exams and Visual Acuity Tests

When you go to an eye doctor, you typically have vision tests to see if you need corrective lenses. If you already wear glasses or contacts, these tests may see if your prescription needs adjustment to help you to see well. However, a vision test is only one part of a comprehensive eye exam.

The medical portion of a comprehensive eye exam includes looking at the eyes for abnormalities or evidence of diseases. For example, the eyes will show symptoms of glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and macular degeneration. After your exam, Dr. Tsegai will help you identify the cause of your concern and start a treatment plan.

Diseases of the Eye

Your eyes can experience multiple conditions. Some diseases, such as pink eye, are temporary and readily treatable with medication. Other conditions, though, are life long and progressive, such as macular degeneration. Even long-lasting diseases have better outcomes if you get an early diagnosis.

Why You Need Medical Exams for Your Eyes

Medical eye exams are necessary to see if you are developing any complications from systemic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure. These exams also help to spot problems associated with aging or other medical concerns with your eyes. For example, glaucoma and cataracts both affect your vision, but how they do so and the treatments for these conditions differ. You will not be able to get the appropriate care you need unless you get a correct diagnosis from a medical eye exam.

Make an Appointment With Dr. Tsegai Today

Whether you have concerns about your eye health or want to begin regular screenings for eye diseases, you need to see a qualified optometrist. To make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam, contact us at Texas Eye Center in Houston. You can phone our office directly at 281-752-4100, or book an appointment through our online request form. We look forward to seeing you and helping to preserve your eye health.



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